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Travel to a world of dark forests and Gothic Cathedrals. Explore the realms of hidden castles and the ancient runes.
Tiffany Apan’s first release for the year 2022 is a journey through such worlds, taking you on many twists and turns through a Medieval Fantasy world, with songs like “Ghost,” Chuck Owston’s “Three Pale Queens,” “Greensleeves,” and more!
Tiffany’s vocals have been called enchanting by fans and listeners and it is hoped that you enjoy the journey into the world of the Gothic Celt.

Gothic Celt is a ten song compilation of previous releases, each song carefully selected to fully embody what the title represents. The idea for the title came from the blog given to her on the Celtic Nations Magazine website. Tiffany began writing for Celtic Nations Magazine in early 2021 and was soon after given a blog on the website, the title of the blog given to her by the magazine’s editor, Erin Rado. In that moment, Tiffany’s identity as an artist was updated and cemented.

“This album is a compilation of some of my favorite releases through the years, ones that I feel best describe my musical journey to becoming the ‘gothic celt’ that I am today and is also a great start to the new releases I have coming this year and into 2023.”

The tracklist on the album are as follows:

The styles of the songs range from leaning toward Gothic Rock to a more mystical Celtic Folk sound. Musical influences include Loreena McKennitt, Tarja, Nightwish, Kate Bush, and Sarah Brightman. 

Gothic Celt is now available at her Bandcamp page, and will soon also be available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital retailers.

Find out more at her website and also her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, handle @tiffanyapanmusic .

Gothic Celt is the first of a few releases for this new year. Have a wonderful 2022!