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Greetings traveler!

I hope that this finds you well and safe as you gather around your hearth in the last of these winter months. Valentines Day is also upon us and I am excited to bring you this story of fantasy, adventure, and of course, time travel!

This story was inspired by an old road not too far from where I live, a road shrouded in a lot of urban myth and lore. I got this idea one night a couple of years ago when I was driving home from a music gig. As I drove past this road in question, the following scenario starting playing through my mind:

A young woman is on her way back from a music gig and happens upon an old, abandoned road. She sees the moon lighting the path, casting an eerie glow about the road and surrounding woods and feels compelled to pull her car over. When she does so, she gets out and stares down the path, feeling a strange energy, as if she were being watched…

Well, that became the premise of my story, Once Upon a Moonlit Path.

Starting on Valentines Day and through February, serial installments of the story will be presented here every Sunday.

Hopefully this fun story of mystery and magic will serve as a little escape or mini vacation. 🙂

Are there any places around where you live that have some strange but fascinating lore around it? And if you could travel to anyplace in time, where/when would you go?

Speaking of magical places, Folklore Fridays are also coming to this webzine and will be presented every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, starting this Friday, February 12.

So be sure to check back here on Sundays for the new installments of Once Upon a Moonlit Path, every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for Folklore Fridays. And don’t forget the Tavern Livestreams too!

In fact, here is the remaining February schedule for Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel:

Friday, February 12- Folklore Friday

Sunday, February 14 – One Upon a Moonlit Path

Friday, February 19 – The Tavern Livestream (guests will be announced this weekend!)

Sunday, February 21 – Once Upon a Moonlit Path

Friday, February 26 – Folklore Friday 

Sunday, February 28 – Once Upon a Moonlit Path

Folklore Fridays will also be presented at our Facebook Group, Facebook page, and Instagram page.

I hope you’ll join us around the fire for evenings of music and tales from days of old.