This Friday, in The Tavern…

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The Tavern Livestream is three episodes in and on the third episode, I had my first guest, April C. Thomas, accomplished period costumer and owner of Fashions Revisted. It was great fun and the replay is available if you did not catch it.This Friday, I am happy to welcome the awesome folks of Phannie’s Phancies (if you’ve watched my meal prep posts at my second IG page @vintagefantasybeauty you’ve seen my constant use of their Sweet Red Wine Jelly)! I met them kind of randomly on my most recent trip to Gettysburg and their product (mostly booze infused homemade jellies, but they also make some really cute gift items…plus their late 19th century attire is fun and to die for).
Join us this Friday, February 5 at 9PM EST at my Facebook page as we discuss wine infused jelly, travel, and some of their other endeavors. And make sure you bring a beverage as we toast. Cheers and I hope to see you in the tavern! 🍺